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At the very onset of capitalism in England (sometime in the 16th century) the Commons was stolen. In every period of capitalist expansion since then, people's access to self-sufficiency and to subsistence has been destroyed.

Why? So that dispossessed commoners could be made to work for those claiming the wealth of our planet (land, water, forests, food, labour, fuel etc.) as their own private property. This new ruling class of capitalists has used any violent means necessary to hang onto this stolen wealth and the power it gives them over others. Colonialism has been part and parcel of this expansion of capitalism, as has been patriarchy, poverty, slavery, indentured servitude, and the destruction of our collective environment. The legacy of this centuries-long regime of global capitalism is a world of deep inequalities, gross injustices, intense divisions, perpetual war and environmental devastation that threatens the very existence of our planet itself.

In response to APEC's (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) November 2011 conference in Honolulu, Eating in Public, in collaboration with Arm and Roller Press, Globoflo and Tadpole Studio, has produced ANTI-APEC pamphlets (print and web), tee shirts and signs.

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[see the Shirt/Sign production in progress]
Download our ANTI-APEC shirt+sign templates, or pick one up at Revolution books.
Free for those who will wear them.
$5,000 for those who won't.

The following are simple and not-so-simple ideas that others have used for signage. OF COURSE we are not suggesting you should do any of these things. Of course, of course, of course, we would never suggest anything like that ...


Card Board+Paint
How to tips from The Freewayblogger

Cups+Chainlink Fences

Tape+Paint Stencils

Change Your Facebook Profile

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Surveillance Camera Players
Youth Speaks does Law of the Splintered Paddle


Institute of Applied Autonomy