eating in public

EATING IN PUBLIC implements systems of exchange outside of the State and capitalist regimes. None of the systems are owned, managed, monitored, surveilled. They are free, anarchist, autonomous, and they only keep going if those who use them keep them going. We have set them up in private and public space, and we generally do not ask for permission - because we don't believe that anyone has the authority to grant or deny us permission. We do it to make trouble and fun of the state and capitalism. And we want to demonstrate, not to them, but ourselves, that it is possible to take care of each other while we take care of ourselves.

Planting Food Everywhere! Free Food Everywhere! EAT
Autonomous Seed Exchange! Anarchist Recycling! Reuse Everything
Free Money Share Automous Exchanges!

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Eat! STOP APEC! Free Money! Share Everything! Automous Exchanges! about-tab contribute-tab Anarchist Recycling! Free Food Everywhere! Autonomous Seed Exchange! Reuse Everything!